Friday, December 15

On The Art of Writing Articles

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        I never even dreamt that I will be a writer one day. My passion was reading. When I retired from the teaching profession, I thought I will have plenty of time to spare and decided to enter the world of blogging. While posting the blogs, I was concentrating in creating posts for the day and wrote only a few sentences for each post. Subsequently, by accident, I came across triond and decided to try my hand at writing articles. Initially I did not know how to go about it. I got encouragement as my first article got published although it was not a great article by any standard. But it was a stepping stone to greener pastures.

        In the beginning, I was able to write only one or two articles per month. Gradually, the number increased and I was able to write about twenty articles in about three months which was not really bad for a beginner. Last month, my goal was to increase the rate of article production and what I managed was beyond my own expectations. I was able to write thirty one articles last month at the rate of an article per day.  For the month of November also, I have managed to write an article a day. So I want to share my experience with others.

Know about what you write

       The most important thing about article writing is not to venture out of your territory. Everybody has some knowledge and everybody has some expertise. Try to limit yourself to your field of expertise. For example, when I write about heart disease, I can write that this term is usually associated with heart attacks. This also is known as coronary heart disease. Why is it called coronary heart disease? I am able to write about the function of the coronary arteries which is to supply the blood to the heart. Then I write that when one or more coronary arteries are blocked, the heart muscle suffers from lack of oxygen and gets damaged and that this process is called myocardial infarction. Of course, I can go on in this vein. But the starting point was the words ‘heart disease’. My knowledge in the field of clinical biochemistry enabled me to expand just two words to six or seven sentences. Likewise, my playing experience and knowledge has enabled me to write about cricket. But I don’t write about baseball or basketball. I don’t write about gardening, swimming or cooking. I have absolutely no knowledge in these fields. One just cannot elaborate.

Internet for additional information

You can always use the internet to get new ideas and points. Write down hints and then arrange these hints into a cohesive order. In this way, you can write a large number of articles.

Try to be original

Even while you are using the internet, never copy complete sentences. Try to frame your own sentences. I personally never write on paper and straightaway type using the computer. In this way, whatever I write can never be a copy of somebody else’s work.

Enjoy writing. Without that, you can never produce a large number of articles.


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