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Hey We Got The Treatment- Alzheimer’s Disease

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Alzheimer’s disease is a disease in which the neuromuscular co-ordination of a person becomes weak. And due to this the capacity of the patient to the think, understand, speak etc. decreases. If you or anyone in your family is suffering from this disease then you may find this article helpful. Although there is no cure for it but these tips are surely effective.


Alzheimer as explained is a neuro problem. Earlier it was common with the old age ones but now days it is affecting the youth too. So here are the symptoms which may help you to find out that you’re suffering from this disorder or not:

·                     Loss of memory: Especially if you forget new things may be name, address or new job.

·                     Confusion with time and place.

·                     While talking if you’re unable to complete the sentence or express your feelings, you may suffer from Alzheimer’s.

·                     If you’re confused to take a proper decision.

·                     If you are feeling problem in adding or subtracting or any kind of other calculations.


These were the symptoms and here are the simple and most effective 5 tips for the patients. Remember there is no cure for this disease.


·                     Keep your mind alert and cautious every time.

·                     Control your weight. Over weightiness can harm your brain.

·                     Do exercise regularly it increases your mental and physical efficiency.

·                     Control high blood pressure: High blood pressure harms the nerves of the brain.

·                      Take a balanced diet and increase the amount of vitamins especially vitamin B and folic acid.

·                     Avoid drugs and alcohol it affects the neuro muscular co-ordination at a high rate.


If you are not sure and satisfied yet, then go to a neuro physician. Because if you come to know about the disease at the right time and take medicines with the prescription of a neuro physician then Alzheimer’s can surely be controlled.

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