Thursday, December 14

6 Rights For Legal Diagnosis

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6 rights for Legal Diagnosis

• Diagnosis is aimed at verifying legal aspects of business activity. Achieving this requires analysis of specific elements in the following areas: company law, civil law, commercial law, tax law, labor law, environmental law, litigation. Between legal information relevant to assessing firm value retained: the rights and obligations of owner equity valued control analysis on the decisions of the firm (dividends, investment policy, appointment management, dissolution, merger, liquidation, assignment actions, etc..). Effective diagnosis requires legal analysis of specific elements of the following


                    1) Company law. In this area check: contract, statute and subsequent amendments established the register of general meeting of shareholders, register of shareholders, register of actions, etc.. .

                    2) Civil law. Analyse and check documents and contracts: ownership of the building, the legal situation of land enterprise, the legal situation of intangible nature of patents, licenses, trademarks and other similar types of borrowing situation, the security provided, the existence grant loans to maturity, the event declared bankrupt, state insurance company by law and under contracts of insurance against risks, the situation of paying insurance premiums.

                    3) Commercial Law. Check contracts for the sale, rental, location, management contracts, contracts of assignment, etc.. .

                    4) The right of taxation. In this area check: enterprise registration organs of government financial ability, if they paid the legal obligations owed outstanding comparative situation due time, the last tax audit and its results.

                    5) Environmental Law. The review assessed whether the activity takes place within the firm required by environmental legislation in terms of restrictions on business effects on the environment, interested in whether the firm has an impact if the environmental permits were obtained, if disputes with other enterprises or authorities .

                    6) Litigation. Check if assessed now involved in litigation, pending court or arbitration of the Chamber of Commerce and the possibilities of solving there. In the case of labor disputes to resolve their status checked.


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