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Diagnosis Enterprise – Pre-Assessment Stage Enterprise

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Diagnosis enterprise – pre-assessment stage  enterprise

      In a general sense, the concept of diagnosis, the firm, her work involves tracking failures, research and analysis of facts and responsibilities, identify the causes and extent of which lead to improved economic and financial situation.

      In particular, by a firm diagnosis, to assess, seeking knowledge of all aspects of its business, namely legal, technical, human, economic, financial, etc.. And the corresponding strengths and weaknesses of each. It aims to highlight only the company’s operating parameters, assessing risks and future business performance, any information that may guide the court evaluator in each of the three approaches presented.

      In the diagnosis must find answer questions such as:

• paying the operating company and the position and likely last in this market;

• the company’s legal and property appraisals;

• human potential and business management;

• Likely results and the company.

      As part of a firm practical assessment, diagnosis must provide the necessary information past and present situation assessment, which constitutes a basis for estimating the elements and variables “key” that must be considered when applying the various valuation methods.

      As business valuation is not a mechanical application of techniques, but requires a deep appreciation of company performance, the evaluation team must consider normal operating parameters for the environment and the firm is valued at the time of evaluation. Based on diagnosis is evaluated based enterprise scenarios underlying the assessment of income-based approach.

      An important problem in achieving a diagnosis is what information will be analyzed. In this regard, as noted, the business standard valuation (SEV) insists on the need for the evaluator to verify the accuracy and credibility of information sources and the final reckoning the value (value obtained reconciliation) to include this important issue through an analysis the degree of credibility and relevance of all the information that formed the basis of applying each method.


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