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Ways on How to go Back (Switch Back) to Your Old Facebook Profile Layout

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Ways on How to go Back (Switch Back) to Your Old Facebook Profile Layout

Facebook recently introduced the new layout design for our profile pages with high-flying display of basic profile information, latest photos, friends list and more. However, majority of facebook users says ” I hate my new facebook profile layout!” and most of us find ways on how to switch back to old facebook design. 

Facebook said the new layout is not yet finished and they want our feedback. The button to go back to the old facebook isn’t there for some of us because Facebook is currently working to make the new facebook layout the only option. Some of my friends can still switch back and forth between the old and new layouts, while others like me have seen our accounts just switch otimatically to the new layout. I really don’t like the new layout and it’s unaccessible to blind people who use screen reading programs.

If you want something done about this, contact facebook at

Meanwhile you can try the following steps below to take a glimpse in your old facebook profile:

(Note: This is just a temporary way to switch back to your old facebook layout that is why I used the word glimpse above. The new facebook layout version wil goes back after you log out and then log back in.) 

1. Go to Account Settings.
2. Click Deactivate Account.
3. Choose “This is temporary. I’ll be back.”.
4. Do not check E-mail opt out.
5. Click “Confirm”.
6. Wait for 3-5 minutes or longer and log in again

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