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Financing And Credit. Useful Information

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Financing and credit

      The purpose of evaluation in these situations is:

• to assist buyers in making decisions to offer purchase price;

• help determine the selling prices of sale acceptable

• establish a basis for the exchange of property;

• to establish a basis for reorganization or merger of the properties;

• determine the conditions of payment for a transaction;

• to determine the amount of rent.

      Financing and credit

• the estimated value of collateral provided for mortgage credit proposal and / or collateral;

• Provides a solid foundation for investor to purchase securities secured by property;

• to establish a basis for decisions relating to insurance or a guarantee

       credit property or movable property.

      Compensation in case of expropriation

      The evaluation:

• the estimated market value of property as a whole, before the expropriation;

• the estimated market value of what remains after the expropriation;

• Damage is estimated to own a private.


      Assessor’s mission:

• estimate the amount involved;

• to separate depreciable assets such as buildings, the impaired assets,

       such as land and to assess the impairment;

• to determine the inheritance or gift taxes;

• to estimate the value of historical or cultural heritage.

      Other situations

      Evaluator’s role is:

• to establish the timing of rent;

• to establish the feasibility of building or upgrading program;

• help businesses to buy housing for employees transferred;

• meet the requirements of the insured and insurer;

• to assist in merging firms, accounting or re-issue shares;

• to estimate the liquidation value for a sale or auction fotţată;

• assisting clients in investment matters, including objectives, alternatives, resources, time constraints and scheduling;

• to advise the planning committee, judges, planners on the likely effects of proposed actions;

• To arbitrate between the parties to the dispute;

• to determine market demand and supply trends;

• to determine the real estate market situation.

      In essence, evaluation is a complex of techniques, processes and methods by which an asset, a group of goods, an economic asset, an asset or a tangible element of an enterprise as a whole are made in terms of market value and the nivelulu ensure they are comparable with, or in a narrower concept of assessment of all or part of the enterprise, is to determine the most profitable area in which they could be put and the price at which a transaction could be completed under normal life.

      Economic and financial evaluation is only based on the type of assessment and diagnostic expertise and aims to determine the market value (market value of) the enterprise or the goods and values derived from market value.


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