Thursday, December 14

Product Review: Red Alert Power Pack

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When looking for more energy drinks to try I stumbled upon a rather cool looking bottle. The bottle was one of the smaller ones (as in the shot drinks, that hold just 60ml) and was red and black, with an artsy winged motif in the centre and the name “red alert” written on the bottle, a throw back to the brilliant video games of yore perhaps, or just a coincidence. I couldn’t decide which it was but I was sold, and ended up paying the meagre 29p that B&M were charging for it, it was worth it just for the bottles design.

To give the product it’s full name it’s “Red Alert Power Pack”, a name that makes it seem even more awesome than the original impression of just the packaging. Like many similar drinks it has a very high caffeine content (133mg/100ml), apparently the same amount as a 250ml can of Red Alert (though I’ve never actually seen the canned version of the drink) making this a quadruple strength drink (though the packaging claims it’s only triple strength). Also from the packaging it’s advised a person consumes no more than 2 of these in a 24 hour period, as I only have 1 of them I’ll be safe there, though it’s supposed to be drank with in 24 hours of opening (not like that’ll be a problem).

Despite ruining the brilliant plastic coating design upon opening the drink expectations were high. Upon opening the bottle the taste was an obvious one, the scent given from the bottle was that of a sweet fruity flavour, identical to that of Red Bull (and it’s many many clones). Although it tasted like a slightly sour Red Bull it went down very easily, something that can’t usually be said for the same sort of drinks. The “kick” from the caffeine is almost instant and you automatically feel more alert, though slightly on edge as a result.

As well as caffeine the drink also contains taurine (a typical ingredient in these sorts of drinks) and the delightfully named “Siberian Ginseng Extract”. Although quite how Siberian Ginseng and normal Ginseng differ is a mystery to me it’s still a great name for an ingredient.

Although not a huge fan of the “shot” energy drinks this is actually one of the more bearable ones. It’s one of the easiest ones to drink as well as having one of the lowest prices of these forms of drinks. Unlike some of the others it doesn’t have a “medicine” like taste nor does it leave a nasty after taste, in fact it’s probably the best value for money drink of it’s kind out there and the most attractive to look at. In a word this is actually a “win”.


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