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Diagnosis And Evaluation OF The Enterprise- Case Study

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 General concepts on the diagnosis and evaluation enterprise.

            1. Conceptual on the diagnosis and evaluation

                economic and financial.

      The term “diagnosis” is of Greek origin and means “to discern the fact, that discernment ability to objectively determine if a subject some of its manifestations. It took the medicine, which is an indication of a disease by its symptoms.

      Diagnostic concept in the economic, the firm, her work involves tracking failures, research and analysis of facts and responsibilities, identify the causes and measures leading to regularize the situation. Activity of a firm diagnosis is required not only where it is in difficulty, but when the economic-financial situation is normal, but seeks improvement.

      Activities that are diagnosed

      With a firm diagnosis, to assess, seeking knowledge of all aspects of its business, namely legal, technical, human, economic, financial, etc.. And the corresponding strengths and weaknesses of each.

      In general, the diagnosis must find answer questions such as:

          – Legal status of the company;

          – What are the results of the company;

          – Whether or not satisfactory and why;

          – How they were obtained;

          – What are the performance and the desired objectives;

          – What is the performance and what to do to achieve them;

          – Concrete measures to be taken, both short term and the


      As part of a firm practical assessment, diagnosis must provide the necessary information past and present situation assessment, which constitutes a basis for estimating the elements and variables “key” that must be considered when applying the various valuation methods.

      Diagnosis is based on assessed enterprise build relevant scenarios, which should form the basis of evaluation and also tests of consistency is achieved between the various components of both diagnosis and assessment itself between business and gndiaostic. This latter assessment confirms the idea that the diagnosis for the assessment not only serves to show the status of the company at a time, but also to redirect, and support business development scenarios, economic and financial projections.

      Experts consider that the evaluation work of the enterprise diagnosis is 80%, 15% preparation of information and only 5% is the assessment work.

      Making a firm diagnosis for evaluation involves the following steps:

          – Determining issues to be examined;

          – Providing information and analysis of the underlying documents;

          – Analysis and presentation of results in a report.

      We believe that a firm diagnosis can not be classified into fixed patterns, but must have an adaptable structure depending on the purpose. To assess a firm diagnosis can be structured diagnostic legal, technical, human resources and trade and economic and financial management.

      Among them is the crucial role financial diagnosis, which quantifies the specific tools, the analysis of other sections and made an interface between the two basic components of business process assessment (diagnosis and proper assessment).


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