Tuesday, December 12

Internet Radio of The Hand Phone

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Internet radio or also known as web radio, net radio, streaming radio or e-radio is an audio broadcasting service transmitted via the Internet. There are several methods of broadcasting on the internet. Some streams are transmitted, where listeners could simply plug the ears without being able to control the content of the conventional broadcast media like radio. There is also an adopted “on-demand”, or as requested by users. Not infrequently, the radio stations on the Internet relay broadcasting on terrestrial radio stations.
Virtual Radio is an application that allows users of Symbian and Java mobile phones to listen to online radio through the Internet. Virtual Radio connects us to our cellular network and to more than 1800 radio stations in 75 categories from around the world.
In addition to over a cellular network, on expensive phones that have Wi-Fi facilities we can utilize the facility to access the online radio.
The resulting sound quality Virtual Radio is highly dependent on the bandwidth settings you set. Low Bandwidth Stream option will result in quality MP3 mono with a bit rate of no more than 32 kbps. Stream settings can be set in 8000, 11,025, 16,000, 22,050, 32,000 or 44,100 kHz. The recommended bit rate is 16,000 or 22,050 kHz. We can use the Shoutcast server or Icecast server. In mode “Low bandwidth stream”, the user can follow all the virtual radio channels.
Another option, High bandwidth stream, resulting in 128 kbps MP3 stereo sound with a bit rate of 44.1 kHz or 64 kbps MP3 mono quality with bit rate 44.1 kHz. This option can only be used if we are using a 3G, HSDPA, or Wi-Fi
If we want to use this application, please visit www.vradio.org phone browser. On the web page that appears will display the download link appropriate application with the operating system, brands, and type your mobile phone. To optimize your Java phone try to listen to online radio in low quality (32 kbps).
Especially for symbian phones, available in two versions: a free version and paid version. Virtual radio in the free version will display ads on the main page of the application, while versions of “free advertising” to be paid U.S. $ 5.20
After determining the correct version for our phones, download the application by clicking the Download. Next, go to File Manager in our mobile phone and run the file we just downloaded. In the version of Java, when we will install the application, it will display a warning about the installation process. Confirm the installation process. Wait a while until the installation process Virtual Radio is ready for use.
Go to the phone application menu and choose Virtual Radio. Once the player is run, we can simply select the channel internet radio, and voice from the radio played. We do not need to set the play list or Internet URL or address.
Welcome to listen to online radio!


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