Tuesday, December 12

Mystery Behind Kamran, Malik And Kaneria's Non-Selection For Newzeland Tour

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What is the mystery?Why these well talented and experienced players were rejected.The answer is here

I must admit that Kamran Akmal, Shoaib Malik and Danish Kaneria don’t rank on top of my favourite cricketers list, mainly due to non-cricketing reasons but even I recognize the significance of having Kamran Akmal and to an extent Shoaib Malik in Pakistan’s ODI & Twenty20 squad. Kamran provides excellent balance to the limited overs team mainly due to his ability of opening the batting which allows the think tank to play an extra batsman or a bowler depending on the pitch condition.

Shoaib is a handy cricketer who has performed his best on the flat tracks of sub-continent where the upcoming World Cup is scheduled to take place in less than 90 days. Danish is the highest wicket taking spinner who has ever played for the country and is doing consistently well for his domestic side.It was a bolt from the blue when both batsmen were left out of the T20 squad with Danish not being included in the test team, when they have been tearing up the Quaid-e-Azam trophy Division one with dominating performances in almost all the matches they have played. Malik who is the second leading scorer in the league has 562 runs with a double century and 2 centuries to his name in 3 matches. Kamran hasn’t been any less prolific with 530 runs in 5 matches with the help of 2 centuries. Danish has taken 18 wickets at 20.83 a piece while managing a good economy rate.

What one can presume is that all three players will not be making the World Cup squad purely due to something other than cricketing reasons. Kamran and Danish whose names were mentioned in possible match/spot-fixing allegations have been cleared by the concerned authorities for selection. Shoaib was never mentioned in the recent fixing controversy but has been renowned for creating cliques in the team to disturb the unity, must be wondering what is keeping him out of the team.

All three were told that their names would be taken into consideration for future tours but they have been left out when they have proved their form and fitness. PCB’s mysterious ways of managing the cricketing affairs in the country continue on without anyone raising a finger.

I think it is high time for the PCB and the ICC to stop playing with Pakistani fans emotions and explain the rationale that is forcing them not to select the above mentioned players. Once again, the incompetent current PCB regime and the clumsy ICC ACSU have managed to convert such a straightforward issue into a messy affair which is only going to test the patience of the cricket loving masses in the country.

Why not charge the three players if there is proof that the three have been upto something sinister? Why not let the public see the evidence and facts if they have been involved in disgracing the great game?

This outrageous behavior is something we would expect from the unprofessional PCB management but ICC, the games governing body should act wiser than this. The current non-selection is only further helping to create the perception that Pakistani cricketers are cheats and cannot be trusted.

I find this ridiculous especially when no reasoning, solid proof and evidence are being given to keep the players out of the squad. The grapevine is abuzz with rumors aplenty which is promoting extra bit of negativity to an already ravaged country, all due to the dismal handling of affairs by the PCB and ICC.

I do not expect much from the Ijaz Butt led regime but at least the ICC ACSU, should come forward and explain to the die-hard Pakistan fans what the suits in the cricket governing body are upto or at least, they shouldn’t tell them to recapture their form in domestic cricket when their performance is not going to have any bearing on their selection for the national team.


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