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Crystal by Katie Price Book Review

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Crystal wants to sing and she has her own band, Tahilia and Belle complete the trio and they call themselves Lost Angels. Crystal sees an opportunity for the band to get a record deal by entering the Band Ambition competition. The girls all agree and soon they find they are in the select few bands and have made it as far as the judges houses.

Unfortunately for Crystal she falls in love with Belles boyfriend and they start and affair and Max says he will leave Belle as soon as the competition is over. Crystal believes Max and so the affair continues. As for as the contest goes the girls have been making good progress and they are quite confident of making the live shows but things go wrong when the press release stores that Belle is having a fling with their mentor Dallas. The news does not go down well for the band and they have to fight harder for their place now.

Fortunately the girls do win the contest and their loves change forever. Max has not kept his end of the deal and now Crystal is finding herself in a very bad place and as the success of the band grows problems between the girls start.

Will Crystal be able to hold herself together and just how far can Lost Angels make it? How many more skeletons are waiting to come out and what will the consequences for the group and their fame be?

I have only give a very brief plot outline for this book and all this happens within the first quarter, there is a lot more to read about but feel revealing any more will spoil it for those who are wanting to read this for themselves.

I have to confess that I bought this book well over 2 years ago and did start to read it then but I got so bored and uninterested with it I put it back down. It was only recently that I picked it back up and this was only because I had read all of my other books. I think the fact that I had read some of it before made me go into it this time with low expectations and not expecting much and because of this I did actually enjoy it more this time around. Once I had got past the first section of the book with the girls in the Band Ambition contest then the story really did improve.

The characters were mainly good and the lead one was Crystal. The story is about her and her dreams of being a singer and the band. She seemed very down to earth and never let the fame go to her head but I could not help shake off the fact that arts seemed too like Jordan and she seemed to be trying to make herself seem more human and this did put me off Crystal in places. She was easy to get to know and we did get to understand about her past and childhood and this made her easier to understand and like. The character of Belle and Tahilia were very different. Belle was from a rich background and was very up herself and Tahilia was the opposite with a love for her family and very grateful for all the success she had. I did get to like all the characters and even Belle as some of the diva requests she made were quite funny.

There are a lot of other character in the story and we get to know a good amount about them and they are featured throughout so I did not loose track of who was who and have they were involved in the story.

The story was good and easy to red once I got past the beginning and I felt it was good to show more of the after effects of the band winning the contest as if it would have just been about the contest then it would have been very boring indeed as it was very obvious that the band was going to win. There are a few good twists and turns in the story and I enjoyed them all and thought it made the whole basic storey more interesting and a better read.

The writing style was good and very easy to read and get all of the information from, I think this is due to the fact that Jordan/ Katie Price did not actually write this herself. It was obvious that she had a big hand in what the story was about and specific parts she wanted including, the sex talk and when Crystal was with a man had to have come from her and for me they were not needed and we could have been left imaging what happened instead of having it written in so much detail. Apart from this one thing which I found unnecessary I did overall enjoy the book.

The book was supposedly written by Jordan / Katie Price with the help of Rebecca Farnworth. It was published by Arrow Books. The retail price on the back cover is £6.99 but I only paid £4.99 for my copy some time back now. The book can now be bought a lot cheaper from the internet and I would say it is certainly not worth paying full price for.

I would like to give this book more than 3 stars but unfortunately I cant. The story was good and so were the characters but it was very basic and predictable in places and it seemed as if Jordan was trying to make herself into Crystal too many times for my liking. It is a light holiday read but nothing more. I certainly will not be rushing out to buy any more of her books.


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