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Kng Arthur Film Review

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Arthur is a young boy when he gets called upon to serve in the Roman army. He works well and gets a reputation for being un-killable in battle. He and his men are sent to Britain to help the Roman leave and it is here that they come to the end of their 15 years service and will become free men. The day before the papers arrive for their freedom Arthur gets asked to take on one last task.

Arthur is asked to take his army over the wall into Scotland and rescue a religious family and the son as he is set to become a powerful Priest in Rome when he gets old enough. As Arthur and his men are already counting the hours down until they are free he s reluctant to take on the job but he has no choice. He reluctantly agree and he sets about telling his army about the job.

The army, lead by Arthur leave to take on Scotland and the Saxon in order to rescue the family but they first have to encounter Merlin’s men in the woods.

Will Arthur and his army be able to complete their final task and become free men and just what will become of them if they do?

I was looking forward to seeing this film as the trailer made it look really good and full of action. I have to say the whole film thoroughly impressed both me and hubby. The storyline was good and although there were parts which I did not understand I found it to be very interesting and at times gripping. If you are expecting the story to be the same as the old King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table story then you will be disappointed as there are a lot of things which happen differently and the times for character seems all wrong. Because of the differences I did loose track of the story at times but I was soon able to pick it up again. The old story had character appearing at different times and them living a long and good life but in this film there were several character which died who should not have and people who should not have been around at the start of the story were already being shown and had known Arthur for years and this was also something which I found hard to grasp at the start of the film. I did find that trying to forget about the story I already knew made this one easier to follow.

The acting was excellent, the lead role of Arthur was played by Clive Owen. He had a very good strong on screen presence but he was not hard and strong the whole of the time, he did allow emotions and feelings to be bought into his character and I loved this as it showed he was just a normal man and not a hardened fighter. He worked well with all of the horses and weapons he was given and I loved watching him fight. He looked great in his costumes and he had a rouged look which suited the role completely. There were a lot of other good character and I found the role of Lancelot was another strong one, he was played by Ioan Gruffudd and he was Arthur’s best friend. There was a strong chemistry and connection between both men and this showed well on screen.

We had a load of other really good actors and some included, Hugh Dancy, Ray Winstone, Keira Knightley and Stephen Dillane. They were all excellent in their roles and all very different. I did love the role which Ray Winstone played and he did actually bring some very good one liners to the film.

The special effects used throughout the film were all very good and well made. There were a lot of battle scenes and they were all very authentic and at times some of the deaths did make me feel sick and I did have to look away, they looked amazing thought and really very quite graphic at times. The costumes and props were also very good and in keeping with the year the film was set in. The animals and horses were all well trained and I thought that all of the actors looked very comfortable riding them.

The music was excellent and I really did enjoy it all, Hans Zimmer was responsible for the soundtrack and thought it was emotional and strong and very dramatic right from the start of the film. It really did help with the setting and drama for the scenes in which it was used.

As this is a film only review there are no bonus features to speak about. The running time of the film is 126 minutes and I found this was a super length with the story moving at a good steady pace from start to finish. The rate is a 12A and I do think this is appropriate as there are some very gruesome and violent scenes.

I have to give this film the full 5 stars as it is full of action and excellent acting. The story may not be accurate and the ending was so far from what I knew of the story but putting this to one side the film is excellent how it is and the good looking men are just another bonus to watching it!


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