Monday, December 11

Gasland – an Amazing Documentary

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Gasland is a documentary film written and directed by Josh Fox.  It premiered in Sundance Film Festival – 2010 and won special jury prize.  It has also won many other awards and huge appreciation.  It addresses the environmental impact of natural gas drilling using hydraulic drilling technology.  This technology, also called as “Fracking” was developed by Halliburton, world’s second largest oilfield services company.  

Domestic natural gas drilling is in demand in the USA.  Josh Fox, an American living in the state of Pennsylvania, was asked to lease his land in Milanville for drilling in May 2008.  He refused and that was when the adventure began.  He toured the country extensively and researched on natural gas drilling in the Marcellus Shale.  Marcellus shale is a unit of marine sedimentary rock found under large parts of New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.  He spent time with the people in their homes and on their lands.  He also consulted scientists, politicians and people from the industry.  “Gasland” was the result.    

Gasland exposes fracking’s negative impact on the environment and on the communities in the US.  Residents ofDimock, a Pennsylvanian town were able to light their drinking water on fire!  “Fracking” is contaminating air and surface water.  Documentary shows as to how people are already suffering various chronic health issues.  This is really frightening.  In some instances the gas companies are replacing the contaminated water with bottled water.  Surprising fact is that hydraulic fracturing was exempted from the Safe Drinking Water Act in the Energy Policy act of 2005!

Hope government takes the necessary steps in the future keeping the interests of its citizens in the mind.


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