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Travian : Online Free Browser Game!

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Travian(www.travian.com) is a browser game featuring a world with thousands of other real players. You can Develop your villages,Army,Create Friends etc.. In Travian..
To See its 1 minute Tutorial,Please Visit here:
There are many Servers of Travian,For eg,s1(server 1),s2,s3,s4,s5,3x And many Domains too.

Travian Terminology

Travian has a whole bunch of new words you’ll want to get acquainted with, especially if you plan on being active in the forums. Here’s a list of the more common ones:

  • Bashing: Crushing the small, the weak, and the unprepared until they are writhing under your foot! In other words, attacking someone all the time so that they never really grow.
  • Catas: Short for “catapult.” Most Travian users seem to refer to catapults as “catas.” Catapults are nasty weapons that can destroy random buildings and troops in your village.
  • Cranny: This is a structure you can build in your village to hide some of your resources from raiders. Very important! You’ll want to build one of these babies right away.
  • Farms: This refers to a village that someone else attacks and “farms” for resources. You don’t want your village to be a farm! Usually the inactive villages are the most vulnerable to farming. Some players will repeatedly farm the same villages, sucking them dry.
  • IGM: In Game Message. That’s right, you can contact other players. Which is often a good idea, so long as you can write politely and intelligently.


The Teutons are best for offensive play. They’re weak on defense, but they are ideal for launching raids on other villages. The Teutons are feared by everyone because of their berserker tendencies: They seem not to fear death at all.

Unfortunately, they aren’t as strong or fast as the other tribes. However, they do get pillaging bonuses and the ability to carry large loads. They also produce troops quickly and cheaply.
To View the Teuton Guide,check out here:





The Gauls are for players who prefer to play defensively. They are more peace-loving than the other tribes on Travian, and they have speed and protection bonuses. It’s possible to use Gauls to attack and raid other villages, but they are ideal for defending yourself against the other players.

Gauls get bonuses such as extra protection for their resources, speed bonus, cheap settlers, and modest defense for palisades.

To get the most from playing the Gauls, read this Gaul guide posted on the Travian forums.To view the gaul guide,Check out here:




The Romans are the best choice for beginners, since they’re well-rounded and are masters at building. They are good for offense and defense, although getting the troops trained is costly and time-consuming.

They can build strong city walls, have a legendary infantry, and can improve resource fields and construct buildings simultaneously.

If you want to play the Romans effectively, there is an excellent Roman Guide on the Travian forum.To view the guide,Please check out here:


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