Thursday, December 14

Psychological Disorder For Children

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This is the basic mistake which every parent does. For the sake of improving the knowledge of their children many parents are putting more mental pressure over children. For example, even after a child comes back from school, parents ask them to read additional books like General Knowledge, Science etc. Though this is very much essential, a over exposure and imparting abnormal pressure may sometimes lead to mental abnormalities and sometimes cause psychological disorders for children.


This is also one of the main reasons for children getting mentally affected. There is always some limit for a child’s brain to withstand stress. More subjects with too difficult portions make children excess stress and may lead to mental related problems. Also the physical conditions of the child will definitely get affected. School management has to take care of syllabi of lessons such that it should not impart any stress on children. At the same time the syllabi should be such that it should be more interesting and update latest environmental knowledge to children. For example it is better to do an updated Operational Research problem for a student rather than providing a toughest problem in Integral calculation…!


It is more essential to impart “play and learn” situation for young students. Children should learn new lessons in outdoors which makes them to feel good while learning. Playful learning is a kind of new concept introduced recent days which makes children to learn easily without any stress in mind. This will definitely avoid mental disorders for children.


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