Monday, December 11

Allen Iverson Going to Turkey

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Former NBA star Allen Iverson has officially agreed to a $4 million, two-year contract with Besiktas of the Turkish professional league.

It has been declared that Iverson and Besiktas officials will hold a news conference Friday in New York. With that move, Allen Iverson has become the third NBA star to play basketball in Europe, after Dominique Wilkins and Scottie Pippen.

“He’s very excited, very happy the people in Turkey want him, the people in Turkey appreciate what he brings to the game, and he can’t wait to get over there.” said, his manager Gary Moore.

Iverson was the No. 1 overall pick in the 1996 draft and was selected before high-potential prospects such as Kobe Bryant, Ray Allen and Steve Nash. After spending 14 years in NBA, he realized his talents and became a respectable member of NBA organization. He was a four-time scoring champion, averaged 26.7 points (24,368 points total) which makes him the 17th most scorer player in NBA history but, unfortunately “the Answer” never won a championship. He spent 10 years with Philadelphia 76ers where he became legend, then played for Denver Nuggets, Detroit Pistons and Memphis Grizzlies.

His former coach Larry Brown, who teamed up with him in Philadelphia, responsed sadly: “I feel terrible about it.” The current Charlotte Bobcats coach also added, “He did so much for me, and my career. He needs to be on a great team that has a chance to win (a championship) and could utilize what he does. He doesn’t need to be in Turkey.”


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