Friday, December 15

Go Home; You Just Can't Write

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Tyra Banks:Super Model, The ‘New Oprah’, Runs popular reality Show America’s Next Top Model:Image bycliff1066™ via Flickr

Watching reality television can be quite revealing at times. I have no clue how real reality TV is as I have qualms about the claims that “you can be natural and yourself ” when you have a miniature camera  trained on you and a host of wires tapped on your torso. The reality television fiasco is also not convincing considering the effect that you can achieve with software aided editing of shot film.

Nonetheless, a lot of effort goes into making some of these reality shows as convincing as possible. This Hollywood cause is aided by the thousands of folks out there eager to get their 15 minutes of fame. These are the folks who provide real comedy in a reality television show. Their act is not rehearsed in anyway, they simply found themselves in front of some cable network camera and sadly for them, they chose to be themselves.

Take the auditions for say a reality show in search of singing talent. There is always some individual who somehow is convinced that they can actually sing well and be the next big thing after lady gaga and JustinBeiber. Everything about them may appear right: They may even be dressed the part, have mastered a dance routine and posses facial  expressions and gestures that may shame an experienced thespian.

The only thing amiss is that they can’t sing. Not for a million bucks. Not to save themselves from the embers of hell or reserve a seat for themselves in heaven.  As is the case, the panel of all knowing reality television judges after amusing themselves to their fill, usually spell out the verdict. With pause for effect, the verdict as expected is usually along the lines: ” It’s a No for me. You can’t sing. Please try something else.”

What follows thereafter is hugely dependent on the character of the contestant. Some seem not to give a hoot, a rare few are graceful enough to accept the verdict, most can only hold it in until they are far enough from the stage and rant it all out to the awaiting camera crew and for the brave, the tirade flows right there and then with the judges being on  the receiving end.

Such scenes are repeated along a host of reality TV shows and contests like those in search of gourmet chefs like Top Chef , executives with the killer instinct like The Apprentice and graceful beauties like Americas Next Top Model.  In most instances, the verdict concerning the talents, hobbies and dreams of such contestants is unanimous: They simply can’t do what they purport and believe to be good at. 

I wonder if the same can be said of writing. I know writing is huge part creativity, huge part dedication and even a larger part hard work. So can you safely say to someone: I am sorry but you can’t write ?

I know publishers have a myriad of reasons for declining to publish some works. I know that there is some logic behind some people being termed as great writers, others ordinary and others mundane. But yet again, does that imply that anyone can write?


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