Friday, December 15

Dolls Forever: American Girl Dolls

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Showing historical and significant scene through a young girl’s eyes. Every doll is based to a particular event in history, and related books tell her story. The date was 1983, a former schoolteacher named Pleasant T. Rowland found a good market for dolls; seeing that there were no dolls that really represents preteen girls. For the love of educating students, she created the first ever dolls in the American Girl line, produced by her group, The Pleasant Company. The dolls became a hit; the line grew and eventually become a phenomenon to encompass contemporary dolls. The date was 1998, the company was eventually bought by Mattel. Since the acquisition, more focused has been placed on the modern dolls and less on the old historical dolls.

The company introduced American Girl’s Just Like You in 1995. An 18-inch dolls and supplied with related accessories celebrate girls of today. Making a statement that this is their moment in history to shine. Driven by the same sensibilities and spirit that characterize the historical doll line, Just Like You is designed to instill a sense of honor and pride, possibility and power in today’s young girls. Every dolls made by American Girls is mostly supplied with a long-sleeved tee with a faux tank and glittery graphic jacket or coats, cropped plaid pants, shiny lace-up boots, a sparkly ponytail holder.
With its various samples of more than 20 dolls featuring different combinations of facial features, skin tones, and eye and hair colors, the Just Like You Singing dolls line emphasized the individuality and diversity of today’s American teen girls. Doll-sized clothing and accessories reflect the wide variety of interests and lifestyles of contemporary girls and encourage them to express them selves, their unique style and personality. A few of the girl-friendly activities and themes represented in the product line include friends, sports, school, personal care, and specially their talents like singing. This the American Girl Singing Doll was formed and conceptualized.


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