Thursday, December 14

Action And Adventure With Ben 10 Action Figures

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Thus his adventure and success of the show made toy makers an idea and made some toys based of the adventure of Ben 10 and his friends and even his enemies. Ben Tennyson toy become famous, well because he is Ben 10. With this awesome power, he can take on almost any alien problem. No matter what bizarre form he takes, inside he’s still the same fun loving, good-hearted 10-year-old boy. This 10cm Ben Tennyson pose able action figure comes with a nice collectable Lenticular Card that features images of Ben transforming into different aliens, and an Animation Disk.
One of Ben’s alien is Stinkfly, Ben 10 Stinkfly Toy pose able figure comes with a rare collectable Lenticular Card that features a picture or images of Ben transforming into the Stinkfly, and an Animation Disk. The Animation Disks are for use of Omnitrix Alien Viewer toy and the Alien Laboratory Play set, this is sold separately. As an expert flyer with the uncanny ability to pull off amazing acrobatic maneuvers and moves in mid flight, Stinkfly is the only choice and selection when it comes to adventures in the air.
Other toy that you should look out for Ben 10, Ben 10 Heatblast Toy, XLR8, Diamond Head, and other alien super heroes as you build your very own Ben 10 Mini collection. There are also 18 Ben 10 Micros figures to collect. Inside each Ben 10 Micros Triple pack you’ll find three cool mini figures and galactic jelly bean sweets. Having a collection is fun and great for all Ben 10 fans.


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