Wednesday, December 13

The Bratz Car: Toys For Little Ladies

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Having problem on selecting a gift for her? Still struggling to find a gift for your daughter? Or even to your granddaughter or any other young lady that you really care about? Here is the perfect gift for all of them if you don’t want anyone to see her disappointed: The Bratz Car Toy line
The Bratz Car is an awesome cool Corvette that works with a remote control; your daughter will definitely fell in love with this car. Your little lady will surely enjoy it along side with her Bratz Dolls. The car has working lights, horn that blows and even a radio. Its interior is in great shape with plush interior and seat belts; also the glove box is moveable; opens and closes. The gear shift moves and the lights and radio are switched on and off from the Dash, there is also a reset button.
This superb and cool car is not only durable, it is also but fun. Your daughter will surely love it. Any type of Bratz doll fits in the Bratz car, and even Barbie can go for a fun ride as well. The car runs great inside the home, wooden flooring, marble, or on carpet, and outside as well.
Another feature with Bratz Cars is its radio still works when the batteries are almost out, so even thought the car doesn’t move, they can still sit and listen to the radio. Also when turning corners, the rate of car speed affects the doors. Its drawback is when the car is making quick turns the doors fly open and the dolls fall out. It’s not that big of a deal for a kid with a superb imaginative mind. Well she might need to call the emergency hot-line in your town when it happens. Well we can say overall a durable product that all out little daughter will surely loves.


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