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Wwe Toys And Action Figures

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It has been in mainstream American way and culture since the mid 80s. Providing audiences with sports and entertainment specialized is wrestling moves, unique characters and entertaining story lines. WWE also has different merchandise selection, which includes a cool collection of licensed action figures. Most figures come with exact accessories, based on the wrestler’s character’s wardrobe and even signature moves.
With the rise in ratings and popularity that the wrestling industry showed and experienced during the 80s, the company contracted LJN to produce the 1st wrestling action figures in 1984. These figures were made up of solid rubber and were accurate in appearance to their real life counterparts; however the toys did not have any articulation. The figures size is at 8″ tall. In 1989 LJN shuts down its toy division, and the contract was awarded to Hasbro.
The Hasbro Company produced WWE figures from 1990 up to 1994. The toys were made and manufactured from plastic and although it’s not fully articulated, it had various spring-loaded movement features such as clotheslines and punches, although they were not unique to each figure.
An example of a WWE action figure is the WWE Legends Wave 3 Revision 1 Figures Case series. It has WWE Legends from the years of 70s, 80s, and 90s, this series is made detailed and articulated. This Wave 3 Revision 1 is composed of 6 pieces and contains the following 2x The Rock, 1x Mr. Perfect, 2x British Bulldog and 1x Hacksaw Jim Duggan. Each Action figure is 6 1/2-inch tall plastic and features a wrestler in his own unique suite or attire. The figure also comes in blister card packaging over an artwork on the cardboard backing.
WWE programming broadcast in more than 145 countries world wide and more than 500 million households, which allow many children to re-create moves of WWE superstars, including CM Punk, John Cena, and Rey Mysterio. Other products designed include Championship Belts, Superstar Rings and even a Ring Action Megaphone.


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