Saturday, December 16

The Nerf Series: Longshot

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Today your kids can experience these kinds of moments with a twist; they will no longer use the old stuff we use back then. Give them some toys and equipment to enjoy their childhood.
The Nerf series gives you “The Nerf Longshot”; it is perfect for a backyard playing. The Longshot is fast, accurate, and best of all easy to load and reload. It comes with darts (12 pcs) that easily fit into fast and quick reloadable clips.
The NERF Longshot is also equipped with a pinpoint/accurate targeting scope which helps children zero in and lock on their targets and improve their shot accuracy. The foam covered rubber darts are safe and painless when they hit their young targets, making it safe for endless hours of fun.
The fact that the rifle blaster has a range of up to 35 feet is amazing for a little child. The glee and happiness that comes to little faces and hearing their laughs when seeing their bright orange and yellow darts fly that far into the air or across their target at the yard is absolutely delightful.
The Longshot is fit to a parent’s budget and easy for parents or older children to construct and assemble. It is recommended for use by children six years and above. Many adults and teens have just as much fun and enjoyment with the Nerf Longshot as elementary school children, making it a perfect companion at a family gatherings/picnic, or in the park. In fact, Nerf warfare with several Nerf Longsot CS-6 guns on hand would be best for the next family reunion.


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