Thursday, December 14

Me; A Drama Queen? Hell No!: A Breed Of Women All Men Should Avoid

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For those who are averse to street language, I am talking about drama queens. The Naomi Campbell type whose antics this time round do not involve slapping hapless “lesser people” like taxi drivers, but instead have something to do with canoodling with men facing genocide charges.

Someone said that being a beautiful is hard. In high school, pretty girls are labelled as sluts. In the office, under tones of promiscuity wrongfully stalk beautiful women climbing up the corporate ladder faster than fellow employees are comfortable with.

This wise person also reckons that in recognition of this, it was only fair that Charles Taylor should have given a woman of Naomi Campbell’s generation- and- nation- traversing- beauty the whole load of those bloody diamonds. The problem it appears, is that Charles Taylor had the small matter of a financing a guerrilla war in Sierra Leone. But this are matters that the International Criminal Court will decide on. A debate for another day.

However, Naomi Campbell made it into this post as she has been unanimously voted as the true-estepitomization of a drama queen. Sassy, beautiful, sophisticated, sexy, glamorous and at the same time a loud immensely self centered individual with anger issues and frequent outbursts, especially if things are not going their way. To them, drama queens, the only thing that matters is the self and their usually ridiculous demands, whims and wants. I haven’t met Naomi Campbell yet, so I can’t vouch for her undesirable crown, but I have met far more worse characters.

There are many traits in women that spell out drama queen. Here are some pointers.

  • She is the type who screams out+/- mouths off a ton of expletives when something trivial like her nail breaks on her way to work. Everyone will just have to know that so and so has a broken nail. I tell you the alarm she will raise will be as if she had just seen a seven horned demon.

  • If you happen to be her friend, then woe until you if you do something that will make her feel left out. Forget about those impromptu plans or having one on your own. Your drama queen friend will want to included even if it wasn’t appropriate to include her. Otherwise, expect her to cause build a mountain out of an ant hill by threatening to some something drastic as suicide via an overdose of sleeping pills


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