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Celebrity News: Why You Should Care About What Hair Extension Paris Hilton Wears And Who Tiger Woods Sleeps With

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Celebrity life has a high turn over; in news that is. Most of this news is dispensed to the masses in vehicles that are well stereotyped so much to the effect that a majority of the audience takes every bit of celebrity news with a huge helping of salt dismissing it with labels such as ‘gossip -talk’. At best, it may be called entertainment news as if to warn the reader that whatever is being reported should not be taken seriously. If anything,  who the hell cares what  human hair extension Paris Hilton is wearing?  Or Wayne Rooney’s own goals? If you do, then you have got a lot of free time and a pea of neuronal tissue as a brain. 

Street wisdom tells us to hate the game and not the players. In this game however, the devil lies in the details. Details on Wayne Rooney’s habits after imbibing too much of the devil piss leading to mistake paved streets for the urinal. Details on where Tiger Woods balls have been landing including his tee of on very lush young grass. Details that the sports  fan would rather do without. 

For instance, in the just concluded first round of Euro 2012 qualifiers, my pick for the outstanding player of this first round of a series of international match ups  to follow is the beleaguered Wayne Rooney. Just like DavidBecham before him, Rooney did it for England. He did it for Capelllo. He was at the heart of the four goals inWembley, and drew the first blood against Switzerland in their backyard.

Celebrity Endorsements

Wayne Rooney: Manchester United and England Star. Image via Wikipedia

But scratch that. The story on Wayne Rooney that has grabbed headlines is of his indiscretions when his wife was pregnant. No Divorce yet, but he responded with much more gusto than Tiger Woods in the only way that his fans have come to know him. In case you didn’t know, Tiger woods is still the worlds number one ranked golfer. Even in the background of dismal 2010 that included a several month hiatus from golf, none of the chasing pack caught up with him.To the chagrin of all detractors and distractors, Tiger Woods – the king of golf, romped into the US Ryder Cup team.

I await to see corporations falling all over themselves in a rush for Tiger Woods signature for endorsement of their products. Marital issues aside,  his prowling in search of the elusive greener grass aside, Tiger Woods is an icon.When you are an icon, sometimes controversy tends to heighten the allure rather than dim the lights.

Taking a step back, a lawsuit facing socialite and heir to the Hilton group of Hotels, Paris Hilton, was doing heavy news rounds.

Hairtech International, a hair extensions manufacturer, sued Paris Hilton $35 million for violation of the terms of an endorsement deal that was in actual sense worth an equivalent of  a tenth of the astronomical amount sought in the said lawsuit. In 2007,  Hairtech enlisted Paris Hilton’s image to push the sales of  their brand of hair extensions. 

That was the deal and subsequent fall out. However, the story goes that Paris Hilton chose to wear hair extensions  manufactured by  Hairtech’s rivals. This as you would imagine, led to enormous business losses onHairtech’s part . Rival hair extension manufacturers gained from the free publicity while the paying client (who had paid for exclusive rights of Paris Hilton’s head), Hairtech International, albeit suffered. Taking a closer look, this Paris Hilton case is just but the tail end of  a story. 

The story of the controversial human hair extensions industry

India has a hitherto unknown unique tag internationally. It is the leading source of human hair in the world. A majority of this hair comes from temples where pilgrims after saving their hair, shave it off in a religious ritual as an offering and appeasement to gods. The reasons for this act of sacrifice are varied,  from the global search of wealth to the hope of a cure for a suffering loved one.

In hard cash, $136 million of semi processed human hair is shipped from India to factories in the the far east for further processing into human hair extensions . Though the market is largely western countries, growing pockets of consumers of human hair extensions are also appearing in emerging markets such as Africa.. 
Does the human hair industry breach moral grounds? I mean, the hair was offered as a sacrifice to the gods in the hope of prosperity, health and other blessings.  Isn’t it abominable to cash in on the hopes, beliefs and sacrifices of poor pilgrims?

However, in the industry, the verdict on human hair trade is more unanimous. Issues of morality taking a back seat, Indian human hair is said to be of the finest quality. Little wonder then that some Hollywood actors pay as much as $3,000 for top of the range Remy hair wigs and weaves.

So Is Celebrity News All Trash News?

Having taken a dive and imbibed some celebrity news, we get back to the question at  hand: Is celebrity news all trash? Sweeping aside issues of morality and  taking time to appreciate the player while understanding the game. Maybe the answer to the issue at hand lies with the recipient of the news  rather than the perceived and prescribed importance of the news item.  The issues raised in news related to celebrity life touch on every aspect of daily living- morality, spirituality and even business.Take a look around, how many men be they family or friends do you know of whose actions would make  Tiger Woods indiscretions look like a two year old doodle in the face of a Picasso? when his wife was pregnant and who Tiger Woods sleeps with.


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