Sunday, December 17

The Goal You Wanted to Aim And Reach at Bukisa ?

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I have heard a lot of good stories and not so good stories about writers in Bukisa. For me as a writer, I can say that I am still starting my way in. I don’t depend on referrals because I don’t know anyone on my friend’s list who is even interested to write. I have been inviting my friends for so long, and yet no one responded the invitation so for me I depend on my own self to write here and earn.

I was able to cashout twice already but I did stopped writing for more than 6 months because of a busy schedule and just August of this year I started writing again. My income as far as I know increased when I keep on commenting other writer’s articles here as they also comment back on what I post. But my main concern about readers from other countries and such are still a question since I am still groping on SEO or search engine optimization.

Writing articles is fun but never easy if you wanted to consider serious SEO. Of course, some can just easily say they have earned $450-$500 a month on Bukisa but they already have established a good reputation or they already know what they are doing aside from writing articles. For me, as long as I earn $100 here it will be a good way to impress friends to join. But as far as my earnings will only be cents, I would not be able to fish out.

Targeting traffic to your article is another reason why we always look for a good title. I can say that it really affects the viewership of the article and at the same time the earnings you get here on Bukisa. What is the goal you wanted to reach or aim at Bukisa? Is there really a good way that Bukisa is one solution on which a writer can say that they are satisfied with the amount of pay they receive?

My goal to aim for now is to write a hundred articles before the year ends. They say that the more articles you write, the possibilities of earning is also there as long as you know what you are writing will contribute traffic to this site. I just notice that there are fewer viewers when I do post movie and song reviews so I won’t be writing on them much but I will focus on writing such sites that I earn more. Thank you for reading this article and enjoy writing in Bukisa.


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