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Adhd:homeopathic Approach to Treatment

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ADHD is a childhood disorder, and the cause is predominantly hereditary. The risk of developing this disorder is increased in children who were exposed to toxins like alcohol and nicotine, during their intra-uterine life. ADHD has no permanent cure as such, and conventional medical treatment believes in simply providing symptomatic treatment. Due to this fact, there is an increased and renewed interest in the Alternative approach to the treatment of ADHD.

Homeopathy is an Alternative system of medicine, which has originated from Germany. It is a unique system of medicine because it considers not only the symptoms and signs of the diseases, but also takes in to consideration, the various emotional, mental and psychological factors of the disease too. Homeopathy considers that in every disease, be it a simple fever or a malignant cancer, the physical, mental and emotional symptoms of the disease must be taken in to consideration to bring about a perfect cure.

Homeopathy has been proved to be highly effective in curing numerous genetic diseases, allergic disorders, childhood disorders, chronic and long lasting disorders, mental disorders, psychological disorders etc. Conventional medicine does not have a permanent cure or a solution to all these kinds of disorders. This has encouraged more and more people to turn to Homeopathy.

Homeopathic treatment of ADHD does not involve suppressing of the symptoms of the child. Instead each symptom presented by the child suffering from ADHD, is studied and evaluated and a particular and unique medicine is given, which matches the symptom picture of that particular child completely. This means that every medicine given in homeopathy is selected after considerable study of each particular case, and is unique to each patient. You could call it tailor-made for each patient.

The best thing about using homeopathic medicines for ADHD is that they are given in the minute doses, and have absolutely no side effects at all. In addition to this, they can actually cure the ADHD completely. Medicines may need to be continued for some years according to the severity of the problem, and can be discontinued after the treatment is completed. There is no need to depend on the medicines for the entire life time. Moreover the unwanted side effects that accompany the conventional medicines are also not seen with the safe and gentle homeopathic medicines. Homeopathic treatment can also be used as a complementary medicine along with the conventional treatment.


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