Monday, December 18

Why You Should Air Dry Your Hair

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There are many benefits to air drying the hair as compared to blow drying the hair.  Blow drying the hair is necessary in order to achieve certain styles, but frequent blow drying can lead to hair that is dry and brittle.  There is also plenty of research that indicates that frequent blow drying can also lead to premature fading of haircolor.

Maintaining the health of the hair is, of course, the most obvious benefit to air drying the hair.  Ever wonder why you see lots of women with frizzy hair and very few men with frizzy hair?  It’s probably because most men seldom resort to exposing their hair to the damaging effects of heat.

Hair that has been chemically processed is especially prone to damage from heat styling, since the health of the hair has already been compromised by dye, bleach, or perm solution.  Air drying the hair might take a little longer, but overall it’s a small price to pay for hair that is strong and healthy.

Air drying the hair is also quick and easy.  It requires no special tools or an investment in time.  Simply towel dry the hair, apply some gel or styling cream or mousse, and you can go on with your day.  With the right haircut, air drying the hair can still result in a look that is sexy, trendy, and stylish.

For those with natural curl or pems, air drying is perhaps the best way to bring out the curl without frizziness.  When hair that is naturally curly or permed is blown dry, the hair will tend to expand in volume.  By allowing the hair to air dry, those with curly hair can have a style that is virtually maintenance free.

Air drying the hair is also a very environmentally-conscious method of caring for your hair, since no electricity is used.  If you have hair that takes forever to dry with a blow dryer, allowing the hair to dry naturally can save money on your electricity bill.

When it comes to air drying the hair, looking good is a matter of two things: having the right cut and using the right products.  If you need help choosing a “wash and wear” hairstyle, simply ask a professional stylist.  He or she will be able to recommend the best type of low-maintenance style for your face shape, and suggest the products you will need in order to maintain the style. 


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