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Best Hair Colors For Hazel Eyes

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The best way to choose a hair color is by choosing a color that contrasts with the eyes.  Unlike complementary colors, contrasting colors have the ability to make the eyes stand out.  What is a contrasting color?  If you think back to elementary school art class, you may remember the color wheel, which illustrates primary, secondary, and tertiary colors.  A contrasting color is one that holds an opposite position on the color wheel.  For instance, red is a contrasting color to green, orange is a contrasting color to blue, and yellow is a contrasting color to purple.

In order to find a contrasting color to hazel, you first must identify the predominant color in hazel eyes.  This can be tricky, because “hazel” encompasses a wide variety of colors ranging from greenish-brown to golden-brown and even amber.  Once you have established the dominant color in your eyes, you’re ready to choose a hair color.  Here are some tips based on your dominant color.

1. Green.  Most people with hazel eyes have a large amount of green pigmentation in the iris.  In this case, the ideal haircolor is a vibrant shade of red.  If a bright red is a little too bold, you will also look good with a reddish-brown or auburn shade.  Your worst haircolor choice would be an ash brown or platinum blonde.

2. Green-Yellow.  If your hazel eyes have a distinct green-yellow hue, your best haircolor choice would be a violet-based red.  These are colors like eggplant, aubergine, and wine.  Colors to avoid would be golden blondes and coppers.

3. Gold-Brown.  Most brown shades look good on those with goldish brown hazel eyes, but the most flattering color would be a dark chocolate brown because “cocoa” colors contain just a hint of violet pigment.  Avoid copper colors; they will look too “brassy”.

4. Blue-Green.  If there are any cool tones in your eye color, such as blues or violets, the best color choice for hair would be a copper red.  The blue-green type of hazel is one of the rarest hazel shades; this explains why such a small percentage of people look good with copper-colored hair.  If copper isn’t to your liking, you can also try a golden blonde or a golden brown shade.

As you can see, your best choice of haircolor depends on the dominant tones found within the iris of eyes that are hazel.   


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