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The World‘s Best Coach of The 1St Decade of The 21St Century

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In certain respects, football players have it way easier than their bosses.

After all, as much as the players toil, it is the boss who takes the slate when results go a certain way. Clubs hardly fire players. Yes, players do leave, but often is the case that there is another suitor all to willing to entertain their talents.

Soccer coaches also do leave, and they also do easily get new jobs somewhere else.

Difference is that while for soccer players the standard talk is that of ‘collapsed contract talks’ or mutual consent save for a few cases; when it comes to the men at the helm, hardly anything else goes except the F word that every breadwinner dreads.

Soccer coaches be at at the club level or national tam, are essentially mangers with control over a certain amount of resource. They are in charge of multimillion dollar sponsorship deals and the human resource pool consisting of players, trainers and other auxiliary staff.

Naturally then, when a soccer team is mismanaged and fails to achieve its financial and sporting goals, the career grim reaper is not so far way

It is probably in consideration of this enormous responsibility bestowed on soccer coaaches sonthat the Bonn based International Federation of Football History & Statistics (IFFHS) , a FIFA recognized statistics body concerning itself with history and records of Association football, recently published the short list of The World‘s best Coach of the 1st Decade of the 21st Century.

In what must be some process, the organization founded 26 years ago, came to this decision via standardization of weighted scores from the yearly votes and rankings of the lapsed nine years of the 21st Century.

The soccer coach leading the pack may come as a surprise to some as but not the inclusion of The Special one as he calls himself – Real Madrid’s Jose Felix Mourinho makes it third on the list behind Manchester United’s Sir Alex Ferguson.

Considering that the 2010 scores are yet to be tallied, the rankings may change, the IFFHS official website states that

” Of those six coaches who have achieved already hundred or more points it is notable that the Portuguese José Mourinho is by some distance the youngest coach. Mathematically, it is already certain that the Frenchman Arsène Wenger and the Scot Sir Alexander Ferguson will be among the top three coaches of the 1st Decade (2001-2010)…..the first-placed coach of the 1st Decade (2001-2010) will be invited to, and honored at the World Football Gala 2011.”

Here are the top 10 soccer coaches according to the IFFHS ranking of The World’s best Coaches Of The Ist Decade of the 21st Century after nine years

Arsene Wenger 142 points
Sir Alexander Ferguson 133 points
Jose Mario dos Santos Mourinho Felix 115 points
Guss Hiddink 112 points
Fabio Capello 106 points
Luiz Felipe Scolari 101 points
Rafael Benitez 97 points
Carlo Ancelotti 92
Marcello Lippi 88 points
Marcelo Alberto Biesla 86 points


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