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Cauliflower – The Building Blocks of a Health Giving Vegetable

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Paying attention to one’s health is a big issue. This is because we want to live our lives with less restriction as possible and how will we do that if our bodies themselves are the ones restricting us. We are not allowed to do much physical work because we tire easily, we cannot go out because we could easily get sick with the bad weather, and we cannot taste any fatty and tasty goods because of our bad health.

The Cauliflower shows that going green really mean going healthy. It promotes and strengthens the body because similar to its cousins, like broccoli, it is composed of abundant vitamins and minerals that would help boost our well being.

The common compositions of a cauliflower are Vitamin K which is needed by the body to aid in formation of prothrombin which is used for effective blood clothing plus its essential for the liver to function normally. The importance of it is stressed in maintaining vitality and longevity. Vitamin B6 is needed as a catalyst in essential chemical reactions while folate is a vitamin that helps produce red blood cells and helps protect DNA from damage that may lead to cancer. There are also minor minerals like calcium and magnesium that help stabilize the body.

The most abundant vitamin in cauliflower, one which when the body lacks could lead to continual weakness and in severe cases scurvy, is vitamin C. It serves as an anti oxidant that keeps the immune system strong, keeps the cells intact, and maintains healthy teeth, healthy gums, and evens out the blood channels.

Just a few servings of the vegetable and all the needed elements required to keep the whole body up and going are supplied. This is something even supplements are not able to compare to. This shows that cauliflower can truly change the wealth of your health.

The author is a nutritionist and is currently working for a non-profit health care corporation. For more information about the topic, visit the following link: Cauliflower Recipes


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