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Selection of Articles in Bukisa For Higher Traffic

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Tactics of getting a good traffic in Bukisa

I have a moderate experience in writing Bukisa articles. I am also a member in other article publishing websites. I just share my experiences here to get a good amount of traffic. They way of content selection is very important to get a good traffic.

Select articles which are “More required but less available”

This is the most important thing. Try to create articles which are more required by the users but less available online in internet world. This will make your article to get listed first on the Google search result list. For example, if you try to put an article “The sequence of earning online money” then you may fail as I failed…! Because there are lots of online articles and websites available in internet which talk about making online money. But I succeeded in my another article “Spinning a cotton yarn” because there are only limited resources available in internet which talks in brief about spinning a cotton yarn. Like these, select an article which is more demanded by public but less available in internet.

Select a best title and appropriate tags

Selection of title is very important and this is the second step you have to concentrate after selecting an article body. The title should be in such a way that it should be more “searchable” by public but limited availability should be there on internet. For example, referring my one more article “Comparison between Tamil Actors – Ajith and Vijay” carries a good title and Indian movie lovers always compare between these two actors. Only limited content is available which talks about comparison of such two actors. Likewise one has to think on best titles.

Also, tags should be more appropriate. Writing a different content and putting irrelevant tags for the purpose of traffic may lead to failures definitely. One need to put appropriate and popular tags.

Hope these tips will help you to get more traffic for your Bukisa articles. This strategy can also be used in any online publishing sites which makes you a successful and popular writer.


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