Monday, December 18

Mashed Cauliflower: A Slimming Alternative to Mashed Potato

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How does it make you feel letting yourself have a tasty treat of freshly made batch of mashed potatoes? It is hard to deny that it’s hard to resist. You may say “I just want to take a bit, it will not hurt if it is just one”, but pretty soon after the first bite you’ll end up taking another serving and then another. Well it’s clear what will be the end result when this happens. All your hard work ruined in just a few moments, it will be like getting the short end of a stick.

It is because of the rich starch content in mash potatoes that puts it in your “do not eat” list when you are in a diet. And a lot of starch means a lot of calories. Comparing it to mashed cauliflower, there is really a large amount of difference. Mashed potatoes give you excess calories that you do not need and you do not want. Meanwhile mashed cauliflower has a low calorie content that could make you loose weight. A few bites of mashed potatoes could ruin the diet that you have worked hard to maintain, but on the other side you can eat as much mashed potatoes as you want because it is a low carbohydrate high nutrient density food that goes with any diet.

In terms of taste, mashed cauliflower is not far behind mashed potatoes. There may be a slight change in its taste like the starchy feel you get when the potatoes go into your mouth. Nevertheless you can blend different ingredients into the mashed cauliflower so that its taste would be enhanced like garlic or cheese plus adding some bacon. The blend of flavor is worth tasting.

At any rate, cauliflower either boiled, steamed, mashed, stir fried, or microwave can give abundant benefits. It can make the body stronger, which even fights off cancer, and healthier, which is a good supply of vitamin C along with other vitamins and minerals.

The author is a nutritionist and is currently working for a non-profit health care corporation. For more information about the topic, visit the following link: Cauliflower Recipes


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