Monday, December 11

Save And Enjoy Collecting Bullion Coins

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You must have heard of bullion coins, these have high values as they are limited and may also be precious as they can be from the ancient times or found in a shipwreck. Bullion coins are collector’s items for genuine coin collectors.

The silver bullion coin is perhaps the best known which also sells well online and are some of the valuable and expensive coins in the world. There are high value bullion coins which are found on the internet such as the silver ingot. This silver ingot was supposed to be discovered in the shipwreck of the Spanish ship Atocha which sank in the ocean. Atocha had a lot of treasures and artifacts with these silver ingots. There are people who claim that the silver ingots came from the old Colorado Mining region.

The Maple Leaf Coins in silver which are sealed are also a collector’s item. They are from the Royal Canadian Mint and come as half-dollars Walking Liberty and first-strike 1994 U.S. Eagles. These bullion coins were with the Franklin Mint and they had over 100 such masterpieces.

Bullion collectors typically favor the gold bullion and there are some famous gold coins like gold Krugerrands from South Africa, the European Gold Crowns from late 1800s. Some of the other gold bullion coins are the Canadian Maple Leaf Coins and United States American Eagle Coins. You will also find British Sovereigns online as the Swiss Helveteas or French Roosters.

Some of the most popular bullion coins on the net include the Swiss gold bar in 10-ounce, American eagle proof set coins and the China gold panda set. If you are looking online for gold bullion they are available in mixed lots, bars, rounds and other similar categories.

Platinum bullion is still not well known and is not searched for very often online. The demand for such bullion coins is low as compared to gold and silver bullion coins. You can buy Platinum bullion anywhere and they include Eagle sets, French Statue of Liberty coins and the Koala Proofs.  

You can give bullion coins as gifts to special people as they are valuable and also a very good souvenir item. Get a bullion bar with a happy birthday for your friend’s special birthday with the date and name on the bar. Bullion coins also make very good anniversary gifts and can be given to one another. Get those bullions which have your wedding and the engagement date and year engraved.  


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