Wednesday, December 13

I Made Money With My Digital Camera

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We all are looking for ways to bring additional money into our homes but may not have enough time to join any full-time venture. You may not realize, but there is a solution in the form of a digital camera sitting right in your drawer. Here are some ways which helped me to make money with my digital camera in my spare time and maybe you can also do the same for some extra cash.

Taking pet photos with your digital camera as several owners are not able to take photographs of their pet themselves. You can make it easy for them by taking snaps of the pet as well as the owner. You can charge a fee for the time and the service as well as offer them beautiful photograph in digital form or even print the ones they like and send it to them later on. This can be done with the help of your own printer which can print photos or through a photo processing service.

College graduations, high school or even preschool offer a number of excellent opportunities to capture the cherished and significant moments of young people’s life. When the graduate’s family members are not standing in a good place or they don’t have as good a camera as your digital camera with them you have a good chance to take pictures which they are not able to take. If you have clicked good pictures of graduation, you can offer them print outs or even digital formats of the memorable occasion at a reasonable fee.

Creating holiday family postcards by offering your services to individuals or families who want to get their pictures clicked and embossed as postcards or greeting cards to send it to their family or friends.

It is not just postcards you can also click pictures with your digital camera and get these photos printed on novelty items. There are many people who want photographs their loved ones or themselves imprinted on key chains, coffee mugs, tee shirts, mouse pads etc and give it to others or just collect them. You can take pictures and provide them with such items.

You can also try out a newborn photo service as parents of new babies are amongst the busiest in the world. You can even advertise your service online at on-call basis to take informal pictures with your digital camera of the newborn and the family just as they leave the hospital, or after they come back home.

You could try out any of these to use your digital camera to make extra cash.


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