Friday, December 15

How to Fight Stage Fright

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Many of us find ourselves rooted when we are up front the stage. In fact, there are many people who are quite intelligent but have low self-confidence. This seems to be an irony. In contrary, there are many who love to stay at the center of attention of an audience.

If you have this particular problem, here are quick tips that you can do to fight that stage fright that is always haunting you every now and then. Level up and enhance your skills to face people with these easy methods.

  • First of all, you must really be prepared. When you are to recite a poem or deliver a speech, make sure that you have familiarized every sentence of it. No matter how thick your face is, it won’t work until you are indeed well prepared with your piece.

  • Do your own practice at home with people whom you are accustomed with. Start facing your little audience made up of your loved ones or friends. This way, at least you can be more comfortable.
  • Exercise talking in front of the mirror. By doing this, you will know how you look like in the front of others. If possible, you can record your own video and watch it to see what are the points that you have to develop. Besides, because you already have a glimpse of yourself, you won’t be worrying how you will look like, would you?
  • Set a goal for yourself. This goal must be motivating. For example, you can challenge yourself for a reward like if you succeed in taking up the feat, you can take a rest and go to a mall. A better goal would be to give yourself a treat in your favourite restaurant. This goal can actually motivate you to give your best.
  • Convince yourself of positive thoughts. Tell yourself that you are not the only one who has to do the talking, that others are feeling the same emotion you have and that people are not that cruel to throw tomatoes on you when you cannot perform your act well.   
  • When up stage, do not rest your eyes on the same spot. Instead, move your head as if talking to the rest of the audience. That way, you will have no way of knowing how a certain person reacts or feels about your delivery. You will feel less conscious too than when you stay rigid and unmoving. Always embed in your mind that the audience may be on the front for a couple of minutes but you know that the torture sure has an end. Later on, you can go on with your normal life.  

  • Lastly, before climbing up the stage, the pulpit or the classroom centre, do what makes your relax the most. You can chew a gum, listen to a soothing music, read a book, meditate or even say a quite prayer. Encourage others whom you know are feeling nervous too. This method does not only lets you help others but helps you lessen the burden especially when you realize that you have nothing to really worry about.    


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