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Holiday Gifts For People Who Make Music

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Does someone in your life play guitar, piano, perform with a band, like to sing, or enjoy making music in their own way? If so, giving them a gift related to their passion may be very special to them. This article explores some ideas about what to give the musicians in your life.

Think about what kind of instrument your friend or relative plays. Some instruments like guitar have accessories like strings that are required for maintenance and not very expensive. Picks, strings, gig bags, straps; and chord guides are inexpensive. They would make a nice addition to any guitar themed gift. Find out if they have a tuner, if they don’t they could use a digital one. My Korg guitar tuner works to keep my guitar perfectly in tune, and only cost about $20. If you have money to spare, a new guitar or a gift certificate towards a larger musical purchase would probably be very appreciated.

Many items are made with designs that relate to specific instruments. You can get ties with saxophones, telephones shaped like a piano, silver and gold pendants with treble and base clefs, stationary with music note, and many other music themed things. Looking in music stores and on music oriented websites will show you lots of options.

There are several periodicals that are of interest to musicians of all kinds. There is a ‘Keyboard’ magazine, a ‘Guitar Pro’ magazine, and multiple trade periodicals geared towards sound guys and the equipment they love to play with. A subscription to a musicrelated magazine is another way to encourage someone to continue making music all year long.

If your musical friend is computer savvy, they may like to use or want to learn more about music software that can allow them to sequence their own musical tracks. Books look cakewalk Power and Digital Audio talk about specific kinds of software and how to use it. Having a copy of something like Cakewalk, Cuebase, Sonar, Sibelius, Finale, or Fruity loops may also be very helpful to  your musical friends. Those programs do different kinds of things,such as sequence tracks or notate musical scores, so you may need to do a little research. You should also noodle around if considering something like that, to find out what kind of software they may already have or be interested in.

Lessons, computer tutorials, instruments and books about making music are all great ideas, and you can look here for a few more. Whatever you choose, the musical people you love are likely to feel warm and happy when they get a gift related to one of their real passions.


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