Monday, December 18

"yeh Faasley" Bollywood Movie Reviews!

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Arunima the daughter of one of the biggest builders in town has returned home after completing her studies. She is happy that she will now be living with her father Devinder Devilal Dua for good. Arunima lost her mother to a car accident when she was barely two..

Devinder Devilal Dua is a gregarious man who loves his daughter a lot and wants his daughter Arunima to live as freely as possible. Though he can sometimes be boastful and loud in social situations which is embarrassing for Arunima. But he is still a nice man as he helps people who are stuck in a situation as is the case with her best friends (Nisha’s) marriage. Where Devinder Dua foots the entire bill.. For which, Manu, who is Nisha’s brother and also an unsaid boyfriend to Arunima, is very thankful. Life is all well but Arunima just wishes that her mother was alive, as she misses her mother at times, but she is somewhere content that her mother and father had a happy love story as long as it lasted.

But one day to her surprise, Arunima finds a “will” written by her mother. why would a woman who died in a car accident and that too at an early age of twenty eight, leave a will for Arunima. The presence and the essence of the will raises a few questions in Arunima’s mind. Upon enquiry with the father, it seems that the father is not very comfortable.  Read More Reviews…


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