Monday, December 11

The Best of Them All- Nainital

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Friends this is Nainital, one of the most famous hill stations in India and where I have gone to most number of times and found some thing new every time I have visited this beautiful lovely gem of a place, friends consider this place as the most loved hill station by suny.  

I have been going to this place since I was six while my father was posted there for a few months but decided to come back to his own original place of posting due to many reasons one of them being that in winter seasons the offices were shifted to lower districts of the area as the place gets cold enough for the comfort of outsiders and snow falls a lot and brings the life to stand still in winters.

The journey   begins from Haldwani, though not the last but almost as the last railway station  is Kathgodam but people coming from far off places find it more comfortable to change their mod of journey that is invariably either the public transport system run by the state transport bus services or the taxi cars available on share basis or to your choice,  on round trip basis, but the taxis or for that matter any private or public vehicles  are limited up to  certain parts and not allowed to ply on roads of the city, reserved for tourists to make it much more comfortable for fun loving people who come to this  place to enjoy what the nature has reserved for them at its best.

As soon as you cross Kathgodam, your journey  begins, you begin climbing to the height of those 6500ft that the every meter takes you through those hilly road and what a road that is, looks more like a way to paradise and I found it that way during my every visit, oh  how can one forget the nice pines(chir) cedar (deodar),roses, oh so many and all of them beautifully loaded with flowers and thin and white natural streams of water flowing through the hills, the entire rout of about  forty kilometers looks so picturesque and full of neat, colorful roadside eating joints and fruits venders who come after you urging to buy their stuff, that you are bound to stop at some of the places and enjoy the picnic, you may find some of the youngsters dancing and enjoying their cold drinks(?) to the tunes of music playing in their cars’ music systems  and  folks, you have not yet done even half the journey to Nainital the city of Nine lakes and many more places to see those will make you a regular visitor for the rest of your life.

This place is one of the best, if not the best of hill stations in India, and so much full of variety to watch that one feels to settle down here for ever and the days he stays here are always remain in his memory. 

Now let’s get down from the car or bus we have been traveling to reach to this place called Nainital, the place you are standing now is Tallital and surrounded by hotels’s agents and that perhaps is the worst thing you shall face in this otherwise very friendly city, even your telling them that you have a reservation in a hotel would not satisfy them so you have no choice but to walk towards the place you have intentions to stay in or you may take the help of tourist centre that’s right there or take a rikshaw that is the only transport allowed on that road, horses too are allowed but they have a separate lane for them and you are surely not going to your hotel riding on a horse with all that luggage you are carrying. My favorite hotels are Evelyn near the church or Alka near the boat club.

I tried a few hotels, near the secretariat but never found them to my liking as they did not have my favorite view of the lake.Once you are settled in a hotel, every thing falls in place, now you have nothing but to enjoy, you can begin with a walk round the lake or you can sit in the Maidan the field or stadium with so many tourists sitting and standing and listening the music of the band while enjoying their cherries and strawberries and may be Bhelpuris, nut the real nuts friends.

So you have had enough of music, just walk to the other end of the ground and enter the wonderland of the Chat-market an eater’s paradise or walk a further up and go to Bhotiya market, where people from Bhutan and Tibet sell their unique items, some thing like a footpath market with lots of verities with lots of hackling.


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