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How to Choose a Tarot Deck

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If you enjoy reading Tarot or would like to learn, you may find that picking a tarot deck that appeals to you artistically helped you to feel more intuitive and inspired. There are so many different beautiful decks out that many people who simply enjoy the art collect them. You will enjoy looking through the pictures more if the images resonate with what you appreciate in art. As a professional reader, experience has shown that decks with vivid pictures are often more moving to both the reader and the client. This article explores this idea more, and reviews some different decks you will enjoy considering for your own collection.

Each person has a range of unique experiences that effects how they perceive and come to understand life. As you know, this effects you on both conscious and subconscious levels. The subconscious mind expresses itself with symbols, as we know from dreaming. Dr Karl Jung explored these ideas a great deal, and makes a good study if you’re really getting into understanding symbols and the subconscious mind. If you’d like to learn more about him, more information can be found here. One reason it’s useful to consider the work of this psychiatrist and philosopher is that his contributions to serious disciplines has been well noted.

It’s easy for some people to fluff off the possibility that Tarot can tell you anything, because there are really many flaky new age practitioners out there, that may give such things an air of superstition and backward thinking. There are however many well renowned intellectuals like Carl Jung who suggest that the subconscious mind and intuitive thinking are real, and there are positive ways you can tap into it. I believe it is a matter of the motivations and maturity of the person trying to do that exploration, in whatever way they seek for it.

As you have very individual experiences, your subconscious mind is formed in a personal way that is unique to you. Some things may tend to symbolize the same things to all people, but other things may move individuals in emotionally different ways. There seems to be a link between inspiration and intuition. If you can tp into what inspires you, you may also feel more deeply connected to the world around you, more able to understand all manor of things, and a deeper sense of intuitive thinking. Reading tarot is all about interpreting symbolism in a personal way, and using intuitive thinking.

This can be applied to choosing a tarot deck by considering what art you most enjoy looking at. If you like very modern art, a renaissance inspired deck might not be for you, but might be really delightful for someone who enjoys attending medieval festivals. If you have a thing for dragons, you might really like the dragon deck. There are specific decks out there that are based on all kinds of creatures from myths and legends, such as the unicorn deck and the fairy deck.

I enjoy many styles of art, and have collected different decks that represent multiple artists and ways of expressing a set and setting. The traditional Tarot cards all show the same basic picture, but each deck interprets that in a new way. For advanced readers this can be really nice, because those different styles of decks may help you to see more into the meaning of a particular card or symbol. This is something most readers who collect decks seem to concur on.

My personal favorite deck is the Morgan Greer deck, which was created in the seventies and has a kind of art noveau style to it. One unique thing about that deck is that the pictures don’t have borders, which appeals to me in some way. Another deck I really like is the Gustav Klimt deck, which features the art of Klimt and has lovely gold gilding on the cards which make the imagery look very rich. If you have a similar taste in art, you might like the Aquarian deck, the Robin Wood deck, or the Sacred Rose tarot.

One way to explore this further while thinking about your next deck is to get a look at the art on as many different decks as possible. Some mystical shops that sell them have open display copies and will happily let you have a look. There are also some pictures here and in many places online. Looking at websites designed for or by the artists of specific decks may give you a better feel as well, if you’re inclined to do some research. You can also find many sites online that show tarot layouts and may use real cards in photographs, which can give you an idea of how the pictures go together.You will find that picking a tarot deck that seems to fit your artistic preferences will help you to connect with them better, and get a more useful and enjoyable experience from working with them.


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