Friday, December 15

11 Useful Facebook Marketing Tips

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1. Facebook Profile

What you write down on your facebook profile is the heart and soul of marketing your company. What you present here can make your business thrive.

2. Profile Picture – the bigger the better, make it interesting.  

3. Add friends – add friends, a lot of friends in that way your company exposure will go a long way.

4. The Wall – the wall is the fastest way for your facebook page to be noticed.  Update your wall as if a running text / crawl of a news program.

5. Photo Albums and Videos –  Posters. Event photos commercials can always help a business.  With facebook its free and you.

6.  Fan Pages –  Fan pages help if your company is big enough but usually you need a lot of gimmicks or promos for people to actually pay attention to your fan page.  Most people just click and don’t read.

7.  Group –  if you have a big group your facebook reach becomes bigger.

8. Events – I usually use events to promote a new product.   A lot people take time to read the first line of the event.

9. Updating – Update, people nowadays are always rushing, they always want something new. So keep updating.

10.  Be Unique – nobody wants a dull poster, layout, or video.  Be different and unique this way you will get noticed right away.

11. Tag friends – tagging friends on events pictures and tagging your company makes your facebook mileage go really far.

Hope this helps you in maketing your facebook page.   It’s a lot of work but its free.


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