Monday, December 11

Haircare Tips For Aging Women

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As we ourselves age, so does our hair.  For most people, the physical aging process results in hair that becomes increasingly coarse, brittle, and hard to style.  Several manufacturers of haircare products have addressed these needs by introducing anti-aging shampoos, conditioners, and styling products.  In order to get the most out of these products, here are some hair care tips for aging women.

1. Consider a shorter cut.  There are many reasons why most women decide to go shorter as they get older.  The most obvious reason is that shorter styles give you more volume.  Shorter styles are also more flattering on older women.  Longer styles tend to “harden” the facial features, making a woman appear older than she really is.

2. Pay attention to your diet.  The way we treat our bodies is evident by the quality of our hair.  Those who do not drink enough water will not only suffer from dry skin, but from dry hair as well.  Some of the most common hair problems are caused by lack of moisture, lack of protein, and lack of vitamins and other nutrients.  All of these things can be treated with a proper diet.

3. Pay attention to your medications.  Certain medications, especially those which treat heart problems and blood pressure, affect the condition of the hair.  Some of these negative hair-related side effects can be dealt with by using a deep clarifying shampoo once or twice a month.  Clarifying shampoos not only remove product buildup, but can also remove impurities from the hair.

4. Give your hair a break from heat.  Since hair becomes more coarse and dry with age, exposing the hair to heat isn’t going to help matters.  Limit thermal styling (blowdrying, curling iron, straightening iron) to days when you are going places.  On those lazy days when you don’t plan on going anywhere special, allow the hair to air dry.  Simply reducing the hair’s exposure to heat will greatly improve the condition of the hair.

5. Don’t shampoo every day.  Shampooing the hair every day strips away the oils which coat the hair and the scalp.  By stripping these protective oils, the hair will feel dry and brittle and your scalp may begin to itch and flake.  Shampooing every other day or a few times a week is often enough to keep the hair clean.

These five basic rules are essential for healthy hair, but are especially important as we get older.


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