Friday, December 15

How to Know if You Need Motivation

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We all need motivation to move on. Sometimes we know that we need motivation. This revelation is necessary. How are we supposed to find anything if we don’t know what we are looking for? It becomes a crucial pivot between a negative and demoralized person and a highly motivated optimistic person. Here are a few signs that say that you need motivation,

  1. When you are clueless about how to spend the whole day.

  2. You are unhappy and not feeling well, still you don’t know the cause.

  3. You are looking for somebody to take the blame and saying to yourself, “Someone must be responsible for this”.

  4. You are feeling regret about not treating people appropriately.

  5. You don’t feel like having a conversation with anyone. People asking about how you are doing make you angry. You think they are being unduly inquisitive.

  6. When you are feeling like you are not being treated as you should’ve been.

  7. Suddenly you feel like people started avoiding you.

  8. You are feeling lonely even when there are people around you.

  9. When you are feeling like nobody needs you anymore.

  10. You wish you could go back and change something about you.

  11. Nothing seems to please you like it used to, not even your favorite music, movie or book. Everything seems dull.

  12. You are feeling like you are bored to death.

  13. You feel like locking yourself in a room and never get out in front of those inquisitive eyes.

  14. When you spend hours staring at the ceiling.

  15. Suddenly you feel like people around you don’t understand you. Either your ideas are far beyond their reach or, they simply don’t care.

  16. You are feeling tired all the time, still you are sleeping more than before.

  17. You don’t want to talk to anyone, yet you are angry as none seems to understand your problem.

  18. You start thinking that people are laughing because they have found something amusing about you or, making fun of you.

  19. You start thinking that you are not successful just because you lack an element called luck.

  20. You feel like there is no use doing all these things, as, in the end nothing will actually matter.

 Once you know that you need motivation, you can start working on it. There are many methods to get your motivation back. The earlier you determine the need the faster your motivation will be restored. Stay motivated, stay happy.


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