Monday, December 11

How to Live in The Present And be Happy

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Human mind always has a tendency to seek happiness in every little thing and happiness indeed is the best thing it can achieve. Pleasure is fleeting but happiness is not. If it seems volatile then it is no happiness at all, as happiness is one stable and peaceful state of mind which once achieved can never be lost. Why, then do someone is always unhappy, whereas sorrow and agony never seem to touch others? It doesn’t mean that we run out of happiness as we enjoy it. It simply means that we drift away from happiness and seek it in wrong places.

We spend almost 90% of our lives thinking either about the past or carrying out composite plans for our future. This is true for every one of us. It is as true as any inevitable lay of Physics or perhaps truer. We must understand one thing quite clearly that the more we go on living in either the past or the future, we entirely loose sight of our present. Happiness is entwined with our present and by overlooking this simple fact we actually waste away our ability of being happy.

We think about the things we’ve lost in our past and be sorry for ourselves. Even when we remember our happy days, we become sorry thinking that they didn’t last. When we start considering what our future would be, we often forget that the future is actually the result of the decisions we are making today. Past has long gone out of our hands and future is a million miles away. Every single morning when we wake up, we are actually reborn. Every single day we are blessed with a very special gift, ‘today’, the present. A man looses as many things as he gains in a single lifetime. This doesn’t mean that everything is in vain, but only if every effort is made as a progress to happier and fulfilled life.

Our present deserves more attention and care than does our past or even future. But that, in no way suggests that we have to completely wipe out every thought that doesn’t relate to our present. It is impossible to go on without having any experience from our past. Nor will it be wise to move forward in a totally unplanned and disorganized manner. We just attach less importance to things that are not in immediate ‘present’. Happiness is hidden in our present just like a bug camouflaged within a few dry leaves. The day we learn to live every second of ‘today’, we not only start advancing our past but also secure our future. 


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