Saturday, December 16

Top 10 And Best Women's Magazines Favored by Men

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It’s Sunday.Shelled all magazines like TV programs, the Team Mag and others.Is a stack mag female hands me his hand.I will still not read Biba, right?I am a man, a real one.Well I have a look, quickly turning the pages.And I’m not bad in the game (140 pages of ads aside) Come gentlemen, we breathe, and is released Micro Hebdo.Magazinothèque metrosexual ideal :-).

  1. Biba: Pocket-sized, short, small items, experiences, couples … If there should be one.
  2. She: Just to cover with Emmanuelle Beart.And right now, given the couv displayed, one wonders who is the mag
  3. Cosmopolitan: Trends in cultural aspects and nerd poll was “Are you a hottie?Supplement Kamasutra.
  4. Marie Claire: A compulsory, but institutions at the end, it fills me.
  5. Glamour: as its name suggests.The last secrets to fill Johnny Deep and Julien of the new Star
  6. Young and pretty: Well there has limitations, and I do not dream of having the life of Olivia Ruiz anyway.
  7. Modes and work: from the time I was looking for a boss to make me a nice jacket …
  8. Current wife: the pub said “there is something for the whole week,” it makes me me 10 minutes.And I am not menopausal.
  9. Marie-France: Every experience has its limits.But yesterday the team will raise the matter
  10. Madame Figaro: Not yet chihuahua or yellow hair and permits.I will pass.

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