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How to Clean Silk Plants

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Silk plants are popular for many reasons; they don’t require feeding and watering, they don’t wither and die, and with proper care and cleaning, they can last for years.  In order to care for silk plants, they must be cleaned on a regular basis.  The frequency of cleaning will vary from home to home, and even from room to room.  In certain rooms, silk plants may become dusty quicker, and these silk plants will need to be cleaned more often.

In order to clean a silk plant, the first step is to use a feather duster in order to remove as much dust and debris as possible.  Don’t use water or a liquid cleaner until most of the dust has been removed, otherwise the moisture will cause the dust to stick to and possible absorb into the silk fibers.

After the silk plants have been dusted, the next step is to wipe the plant with a damp towel.  It is important not to use too much water, and avoid using a household cleaner, since this may cause staining and discoloration of the silk.  A little bit of water on a dish towel works just fine, but if you are more particular about cleaning, a slightly moistened micro-fiber towel will do the job best.

When cleaning silk plants, don’t forget to pay attention to the pot as well as the potting material inside.  The inside of the pot will accumulate dust, so it is a good idea to remove the silk plant from the pot once or twice a year and give a thorough cleaning to the inside of the pot.  You can also replace the foam, wood shavings, or other materials which fill the inside of the pot in order to keep the plant looking fresh.

Finally, after the silk plant has been dusted and cleaned, you may want to spray a very fine mist of spray starch onto the plant.  This is the same type of spray starch you would use when ironing clothing.  After all, silk is a fabric and can be maintained by using various clothing and fabric products.  Spray starch will keep the leaves and petals of silk plants looking crisp and “perky”.  Another tip is to use a sheet of fabric softener to occasionally wipe down the plant.  These dryer sheets will help dissipate any static electricity near the plant, which will help to repel dust and dirt from clinging to the leaves.

The above-mentioned tips will allow you to keep a silk plant looking clean, vibrant, and crisp.  With regular cleaning, your silk plant should look good for several years to come.


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