Friday, December 15

How to Make Millions Without Inventing Anything!

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First Step:

Most of the inventors are only good at inventing but they do not know what to do with their inventions. They just patent them and wait for somebody to contact them. And here is your chance.

Step Two:

Find an invention that you think it is marketable. It will satisfy a need. It will sell once it is packaged in the right way.This a very important step that can make the difference between success and failure.

Step Three:

Once you make a final decisionand select your dream invention, it is time to contact the inventor and license it. You need to be a great negotiator.Usually you end up paying a licensing fee and royalties after that.

Step Four:

Now, it is time to get your product team together. In this step, the product team will take the invention, add the necessary modifications to get it ready for mass production.

Step Five:

It is time to hire your marketing team. They will market and sell your product.

Step Six:

Sit down and collect your money.


I can not stress that. Before you fall in love with an invention, make sure that it has a commercial value otherwise you will lose your shirt.


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