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How To Install A Gate Valve

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Installing a gate valve is very important to isolate your water supply, or other mechanical applications.

There is the correct way of installing a gate valve just as their is a right way of putting on a tire.

This article will explain why installing a gate valve on a horizontal line is best installed in a vertical position. See picture.

  The valve in the picture is a rising stem threaded gate valve. Installing the gate valve in the vertical position insures in the years to come that you will be able to turn the valve off. Sediment builds up in the water line after months and years of service. By having the valve in the vertical position you increase your chances of getting a positive shut off. The next two pictures show two other angles of how you can install a gate valve if necessary because of beams, walls, and other building situations.

You never want to install a gate valve with the handle in the downward position. See picture.

There are times when it is impossible to install a gate valve in the three proper positions. All you need to do is change the style of gate valve or locate the valve in a place where you can properly install the valve.

The two pictures below show two styles of ball valves. Sometimes you may have to change the style of valve to be able to  work in tight spots and allow you to install the valve correctly.


Ball valve with long handle. This one was installed near an outside wall and froze.  


 Another style of ball valve with a short handle.

All the valves above are threaded. In residential applications you would have soldered valves. Most hardware stores sell ball and gate valves, but nothing like the quality and styles found at plumbing supply houses. The valves above can be used for steam, water, air, water, and other applications.

You can see how simple it is to install gate valves properly.

Good Luck & Happy Plumbing. 


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