Tuesday, December 12

Manny Pacquiao as President

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I also thought that since he is now famous and he has friends in the politics, some of those friends had convinced him to join the Philippine politics. And I was thankful during that time that he didn’t win. Not that I don’t like Manny, I do like him, but I didn’t want him at that time to be in the congress. I know he is an excellent boxer but he won’t do the same in politics. But I was wrong.  I don’t really know Manny Pacquiao personally. All I know about him is what I’d read and seen on magazines, newspapers and Television.

Congressman Manny Pacquiao is now an elected representative of the province of Sarangani.  And believe me he is one of the most outstanding congressman that I’d seen. He is always present in the congress session, but then of course, he was on-leave during his fight with Antonio Margarito, but that is a good excuse, if you are to bring pride to your country. Before he sworn into position, Manny studied first. A weeks before he became a congressman, he took time to sit down and study and learn the task of being a congressman.  Well, I was wrong when I first thought that Manny will not be a good politician. We may knew Manny as a boxer, but now his is fighting a new fight, but just like what he did before a boxing match, he trained himself before going to politics.

Manny Pacquiao as President? Well time can only tell if someday we can have the first boxing champion president in the world. But I think Manny can be an excellent president. We have tried different kinds of presidents; we have a genius president, a military president, an actor president, an excellent economist president, a people’s president, a people’s president’s son president. Why not a boxing president? Manny is an excellent boxer and he is an excellent philanthropist. We heard of several famous boxers, but only Manny have this special heart for the poor. I think the Philippines don’t need a president who knows more but have small heart for the poor. The Philippines needs a president, who has a big heart for the poor, and knows the basics of running a country. Manny is the true “people of the poor”, because he was once a poor. With his strength, dedication, perseverance, patience, and faith to God, he excelled and reached his status today. And with these characteristics, he can also make this country excels. We may short judge this man, but this man surpasses several obstacles that we never knew possible for a man like Manny to overcome. And this is also one reason why several people like Manny. He is a living proof of ‘nothing is impossible if you just work hard to reach for your dream’.

I know presidency is not a joke. There are several things to consider first. But I think the Filipino people had tried to consider several things before. Why not try someone who has proven several things, not only in boxing ring but in every field that he joined. He boosts the Filipino pride as no Filipino has ever done before.


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