Thursday, December 14

Reasons You Shouldn't Get Married

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Marriages that are entered into with the best of intentions often do not work out. Sometimes, even after couples counseling, it is better off that two people do not remain married.

Breaking up is painful even when it is for the best. Here are some reasons why you should not get married and avoid becoming a statistic later on when you have no choice but to divorce.

1- Age

Every teenager thinks their love will last forever. When you are eighteen or nineteen years old, forever can be a very long time.

The hardest thing to do when you are young is to listen to the wisdom of older people in your life. You almost want to be able to prove them wrong but often, they were the ones who were right.

There is never any reason to rush into marriage. If you truly are meant to live happily ever after with the love of your life, waiting will not hurt. It will only strengthen your relationship.

2- Aging

Divorced and tired of being alone? Don’t want to grow any older without a mate? Just like being too young can be a mistake, being too old is another mistake.

Especially if you have been divorced, have you given enough thought to why your marriage didn’t work out? Did you work on yourself or do you just blame your ex for your failed relationship?

Choosing to remarry out of loneliness or because it may be your last “shot” at love is always a mistake.

3- Pregnancy

You have made a mistake by allowing an unwanted or surprise pregnancy to happen. Don’t make it worse by having a shotgun wedding. Your unborn child deserves to have two parents but when forced into marriage by way of a surprise pregnancy, often divorce follows.

Focus on making a good life for your child and work with the other parent. If love develops and a real commitment to make it work exists, then get married.

4- Expectations

Having a life goal such as “I want to be married by the time I am 30” is not reason enough to marry the first person who shows some interest. Make sure that you know the person that you are marrying and not just finding someone to fit into your life plan.

5- Escape

Marrying to escape life with your parents, being single or putting any other kind of pressure on someone else to save you from your dull life is a bad reason to get married. No one should have to be responsible to make your life better.

Marriage is difficult even when all the elements of a perfect relationship exist. It should never be entered into without knowing the other partner as well as you know yourself. You need to feel so sure about your relationship and know that it will always be something that is a work in progress. Once you take it for granted, it begins to go stale.

Love, real true love, does last a lifetime. Wait before you get married to make sure that it is real and your chances of living a long life together will be better.


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