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Family Fun In The Kitchen – Louisiana Egg Salad!

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This is not your typical egg salad recipe. As a matter of fact, it is unorthodox as can be. But boy, is it fun to make and the entire family will have fun in the kitchen and love doing it. This one is especially great for church dinners or outings in the park. Get everyone involved in this one and you, Mom, just sit back watch the fun.



Got the house full of kids, and a special picnic or church dinner planned for the next day? Well, this recipe from the home kitchens of Louisiana will not take any time at all; will feed and satisfy quite a large number of people; is delicious and nutritious; and yes, it is very inexpensive to make. But most all, it is the fun which this instills in the family which makes it ideal to make for the kids who will love getting their hands into it. Louisiana Egg Salad!

And let me say it is not what you have had before as egg salad, and it won’t be the last time you, your family, and guests will be asking for more in addition to the recipe. I had a dear friend traveling down from Tallahassee who would warn me “there had better be some in the frig’ when she’d come on down. So, here goes.

First of all, get your troops in position with everyone having a different function as they man their battle stations. Mom, you just hand out assignments and watch all the maneuvers. Mom,if you have no help, then pull out your food processor. It will be even easier then. If no food processor, then pull out your old chopping knife. Whatever.

-Someone to put a dozen eggs in a large pot and bringing to boiling point for 7 minutes.
-Someone to start chopping pickles, (any pickles and all pickles on hand doesn’t matter what kind)
into small little chunks. Be sure to drain pickle juice from jar.
-Someone to pull out a large bottle of mayonnaise; yellow or brown mustard (or both);
a bottle of hot sauce or Tabasco; black or white pepper; and crushed red pepper flakes only.
-Someone to get 7 garlic cloves chopped or a entire bottle of garlic powder.
-Someone to sprinkle paprika or cayenne pepper or something to give it red coloring.
-A large box of saltine soda cracker (any cheaper brand will do.)  This will end up looking like mashed potatoes not your traditional chopped egg salad.


Now, the steps so – get ready, get set, and GO!
Ingredients in a nut-shell
1 doz. Hard-boiled eggs
Pickles of every and any kind
Yellow or brown mustard or both
Hot sauce; black or white pepper; crushed red pepper flakes
7 chopped garlic cloves
salt to taste & a large box of soda saltine crackers

After the eggs come to a hard boil, take out, cool off, and peel. Then chop with a fork, knife,
or whatever – set aside

Chop all pickles into small-sized chunks – set aside.
Use as much mayo and mustard, as you can.
Toss all rest of ingredients (except eggs and soda
cracker) into a large, very large serving bowl
Now add the chopped boiled eggs
The last step is the best part of all and the one the kids love most…
Take all soda crackers and crush with hands. Really crush.
Toss crackers into the same large bowl the rest of the ingredients are in
Now mix, mash, whatever until everything is almost in a mush.
Decorate if you wish with stuff olives with pimentos
Keep in cold frig until serving time. Enjoy and Be Blessed!


Beverly Anne Sanchez, 2010

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